Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Toddle Talk

Last night as I went from the front of the fireplace where the propane gas heater was going strong, heading for my bedroom, the thought came that I was toddling off to a warm bed. I concluded  I was at that moment; an elderly woman toddling. It is just a casual and leisurely way of going forward.  I see the picture, do you?

All I can add is, if you think when you see me toddle around you haven't even seen a toddle until you have watched the Mister!

Seriously, I cannot run or even trot and am VERY careful not to fall, but I'm thankful that I am able to get around independently. Trying to stay positive isn't difficult for me as it is my way of getting through life.

I'll just toddle on until the toddler wears out. The waddle probably won't function either. Oh well.....


  1. It is your positive attitude that draws me back here each day. I must try your fruit cobbler when the last of our apple pie is gone.

  2. This is almost Suess-like. A fun post.

  3. This is almost Suess-like. A fun post.