Thursday, January 23, 2020

Have To....

Though cloudy skies and cold temperatures with winter blasts prevailed, down the road we went.

It never felt like such an accomplishment through all of my years of grocery shopping, but today it sure did. We travel about 25 miles every two weeks and it is a mandatory way to get out in the winter. Today was a big shop due to not having gone for 18 days. Yes, we have a full freezer, but then I run out of things like mustard, curry powder, black pepper, cocktail sauce, mayonnaise, cold cereals, lemons; oh I could go on and on, but you get the gist.

There is not much on the trip that is uglier than old roadside dirty snow. Well, perhaps dead animals compete in that category. The pretty stuff is now showing up on homes decorated with Valentine hearts and cupids. Yes, the store was full of red and sweets too.
Our driveway and road
A nice thing is that the SiriusXM radio plays music that we like and we also sing along as we travel. His side of the seat is warmed to 82° but I like mine around 70° and that is a new option for us.

So now we relax. The unloading and putting away is finished. We're having homemade beef stew tonight. I made it a couple of days ago to use up my carrots, onions, rice and shredded beef. It was easy because all of the meat had been prepared several months ago. I had even frozen the broth. Toasted ciabatta bread with garlic and butter will top it and our day will be complete.

New storm coming this weekend.


  1. Bud loves beef Not so much. I made homemade chicken pot pies for dinner. They're ready to pop in the oven in a couple hours. My grocery shopping is just about every day...less than a mile away (and no snow)

  2. It's something I dread doing, but something we must do, the weekly grocery shopping! Your post on the subject is delightful! How wonderful that the two of you sing along with the songs on the radio!