Wednesday, January 8, 2020

More on Music...

I was fussing about not being able to understand the lyrics of some of today's music.  I'm just wondering and thinking about all of the different kinds there are. Think on it...
  • Music for listening
  • Music for dancing
  • Music for singing
  • Music for marching
  • Music for rhythm
  • Music for relaxing
  • Music for telling a story
  • Music for building excitement
  • Music for joy
  • Music for sadness
  • Music for happiness
  • Music for sorrow
And the genres of
  • easy listening
  • jazz
  • pop
  • rock
  • holiday
  • country
  • Latin
  • children's
  • reggae
  • folk
  • classical
  • religious
  • gospel
  • rap/hip-hop (I don't call this music at all!)
  • new age
  • blues
  • instrumentals
  • vocal
  • soul
  • electronic
  • contemporary
  • alternative
  • instrumental
And, now think of the instruments!!!
Nope! I'm not going to list them! 
This appears to be borne out by the archaeological evidence. While the first hand axes and spears date back about 1.7 million years and 500,000 years respectively, the earliest known musical instruments are just 40,000 years old.  Source: BBC


  1. Just give me country music back when Waylon and Willie and the boys knew what they were doing. And, Merle...lots of Merle!

    1. I have been in love with Willie, Waylon and Merle for years! Especially Willie. I have 84 of his recordings on my computer and play him all the time.