Monday, January 20, 2020

As the Sun Shines...

... I stay indoors doing this and that. The most exciting thing today was when I looked out my kitchen window and saw a beautiful red fox trotting across the snowy beachfront. I have never seen a fox here, though I know they are - because trappers in the past have caught them. THEN I was browsing a Facebook page and saw a beautiful red fox image taken by Chris Buckman and posted by my favorite SC Chief Meteorologist, Ed Piotrowski, WNEP. That was a surprise! The photographer named his Fancy the Fox. I have named mine Fluffy. Sorry, not able to grab his picture! He had a lovely fluffy tail.
I love seeing the sun, but the wind is blowing and it has not reached 18° yet at 11AM. So I went to work in the kitchen. Made egg salad for lunch and have a beef stew simmering on the stove. You know, beef, broth, carrots, onions, celery, tomato sauce and rice. It's time consuming to chop and prepare but it will be a good dinner. It's a bit sad that I no longer can knit or crochet but I can find things to do to keep busy. Keeping busy is the key to getting through winter, in my opinion. 

Since the cobbler I made with the pineapple chunks was a real success, I'm going to make another tomorrow. This will be with mandarin orange pieces. Stay tuned in.

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