Saturday, January 30, 2016

Yellow is the Color Today

A morning person, I am. After lunch, I have no ambition to do anything physical at all anymore. 

This morning, when I was searching for some cheese sticks to have one for my breakfast, I came across a dozen eggs that I had been saving back on the shelf to hard boil for salad. Whoops! They are a bit old, I think about 2 weeks, but I boiled them anyway. At least they were easy to peel. 

Since the sun is shining strong, and the ice fishermen were all out there, a surge of desire for deviled eggs struck me, so…..

If you want to know why there are two empty spaces in the container, it is because I had an egg for breakfast instead of a cheese stick. 

Click here for older blog about my deviled eggs.


  1. They do look tasty Carole. I would probably eat much more than I should. No ice hear as it was about 65. Quite a change from last year, but as the old saying around here goes, "If you don't like the weather wait a minute." Or something like that.

    1. Oops! Still, there is no ice here to hear, thank goodness, 'cause when it parties...

  2. Two weeks isn't 'old' for eggs. At least I don't think so. But, oh they look delicious. Much better than a bowl of oatmeal that I'm having.

  3. Hi. it's me BostonBoy. The video is now viewable. I posted it on YouTube. I don't know what went wrong. It was a small enough file to be uploaded to Blogger directly and it worked the first time I posted it. Give it a shot. It's more the song than the pictures. Thanks for all your support.