Thursday, February 4, 2016


I probably won’t be blogging much for a while as I have a project that I have just started working on and it will take a lot of my time and energy.  I also get diverted by my habit of jumping out of where I am into another place completely when I try to do projects like this. 

I have old things that my mother saved and it is getting very interesting - at least to me. One of them is an old magazine and a couple of old paper booklets of advertising having to do with family members of the past. They are extremely fragile! 

Now I am also trying to preserve old photographs with the scanning process. That is difficult work - well I mean the removing from scrapbooks, cleaning, repairing, and so on. The numbers and variety are overwhelming to me and then there will be sorting and re-organizing and preserving - to the best of my ability before I die. It might not ever be completed, but I’ll try.

These are just a couple of scans that I made today of the “Delineator” and its contents. Wow! What illustrations there are of the Chromo-Lithographic plates of fashions in the year 1886! What a wonderful discovery. I MUST do “something” with these images. There are many and they are marvelous, including children, both girls and boys, and men and their attire; there are descriptions and offers of patterns.  Delineator Information Link

Then there is the text. I am a reader so I HAVE to read the pages. That’s what I mean by getting diverted. The book is very old and no sincere thoughts of ever preserving it are obvious. It has tons of wear.

An idea also popped into my crazy head about layering one of these ladies over one of my barn photos and making a photo manipulated creation. I had to force myself to stop when I made one very rough trial. 

So you see….I’m off to see the wizard…………..
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  1. Good Luck with your project. I know you will do a wonderful job.