Friday, February 12, 2016


I have no idea who this pretty lady is and am curious about the instrument she seems to be playing. Maybe it is just a posed photo but, because of the shoulder flowers and the instrument she may have been a noteworthy musician. It was in a stack of others, some I can identify, but others not. It is marked on the left hand lower corner.

Copyright 1898 by
Alfred S. Campbell.
Elizabeth, N. J.

This is all I could find addition to a blog and I have sent a very small file replica of the photo to the Campbell Art Company as requested:

"HI all!
I am looking to gather information on Alfred S. Campbell (1840-1912) photographer and entrepreneur. He worked in England before coming to this country in 1866 with Napoleon Sarony, to run Sarony & Co. He then started Alfred S. Campbell Art Company, Elizabeth NJ, also known as AS Campbell Art Co.; Campbell Art Company, Campbell Art Factory, Campbell Picture factory, etc. He also partnered with Francis Price in Price & Campbell, NY, then opened Campbell Studios NY with Rudolf Eickemeyer, later Morand. He later bought into Montauk Photographic Manufacturing Co. (Trenton, NJ) and Landon, Kent & Co. (WVA, MD). I believe Campbell Studio NY was also expanded to other cities. His companies were some of the largest of the kind in the country.

As far as his work as an artist; Some of Alfred S. Campbell's stereoviews may be seen at the Library of Congress. A painting by Alfred S. Campbell, 1899 is in the Smithsonian. I found one US photographic Patent bearing his name directly 1878.

I am looking for information on the man, his family, his businesses, his work as a photographer, his patents, anything put out by his companies, info on his employees (in 1896 Campbell Art factory employed over 300 people!), etc.

If you have any information on this man/photographer, his businesses, his photographers, a product, or a family member who worked for this company or is a relative of Alfred S. Campbell, please share it here.

Also if you have a photograph or card or calendar marked with his companies name please send me a picture of it so it may be added to the website!

I may also be able to help identify the picture or answer your questions regarding Alfred S. Campbell Art Company and Campbell Studios."

Of about 50 hard stock photos in this particular stack, only about 25% can I identify from my memory and recognition.  It really is sad that "way back then" no one marked on the back who these people are! Frustrating. They seem to be studio photos, many with props and those other studios are long gone without leaving internet traces!


  1. i think that is a harpsichord. cute photo.

  2. I believe she's "playing" a zither.

  3. Looks like a zither to me.
    But, I too know how frustrating it can get with 'no written record' on the backs of photos. And a lot of times the 'who's who' on the back was written in pencil and it's so faded you can't make heads or tails.