Friday, February 26, 2016

Crochet Mania

I'm in the middle of the photo project and came across some pictures my mother took of her crocheted afghans. So far I have 4 albums repaired and restored to the best of my ability. It is extremely difficult because she GLUED or PASTED almost all of them on the vintage type black construction paper both sides, and cannot remove them. Even when they are pasted, she has attached the black corners! Where the corners have come loose I replaced them as the photos were becoming dog eared.  Well I'm rambling but think you get the idea.

If you have never scanned photos in 12" x 18" albums on a 8 1/2" x 11 1/2" scanning bed you would run into the same difficulty.

Yes, I know the old albums are not acid free, but I do what I can. I had to take them all apart to repair the holes in the back of the pages that were torn from use. I used black electrical tape on both sides of the page and repunched the holes. That should last for a few more years.

I found instructions for removing photos from paper backing BUT would have to tear every page apart. Not going there!

The next thing I have to do is mount all of the many MANY loose photos of ancestors in the vintage books I was able to locate at e-bay. Fun ahead!

To get to the point now, I have scanned 21 of Mother's afghans. She would be totally embarrassed to know that she spelled it wrong. Chuckle.....Can't imagine the difficulty she had to hang each one on her clothesline, take a picture, and do it over and over and over! By the way, there were more that I remember but no photos.
This one is mine!
They all were scanned in the order they were in the albums scattererd throughout.
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  1. My goodness you have a lot of afghans. Nice work! I've tried to rehab an old family photo album. Quite fragile. You couldn't even look at it too hard. I scanned all the pictures and made copies for my sisters. I have no idea how old the album is but there are photos of my parents and grandparents from the '30s though I suspect that the album may not be that old.