Saturday, February 6, 2016

Square Deal Saga

Well I misled you and have a blog today. I am compelled to get this down and this is the easiest way for me.  I mentioned a project that I was starting to work on and I have already jumped into my first diversion. I discovered a piece of (family) history that I was not aware of and have dwelled on it all yesterday after reading about the tragedy. Here are some things I discovered after some follow up research. It may not be interesting to you, but to me, it is. 

The first thing I looked at and scanned was a little 4.5 x 6.25 inch paper advertising booklet called “Square Deal.” I figured out, by the contents, that it was printed in 1911 as a restart of a paper box business that was based in a building which was destroyed in a horrendous fire in November 2010 in Newark, N.J. The booklet was distributed one year after the fire when the business moved to a new building.

My maternal grandfather is A. A.Drake. (Aurelius Alva Drake b. 1872) and he was a business partner in this manufacturing industry. 
Please read to the end of this blog to not only view the pages of the booklet, but to view the newspaper article. I had to scan it paragraph by paragraph to make it be “readable.” They are in order. As you read, my dismay will come clear to you, I'm sure. The fire was never mentioned to me by anyone before now.

You MUST view the newspaper article which is posted after the Square Deal booklet in a larger format to be able to understand and it is shocking to read. If you would like to pursue the topic I have added a few links for your convenience. Just click on an image.


  1. Tragic....
    I'm sure it was not mentioned just for the fact it WAS so tragic.

    Family history....the part that really touched me deeply was the question about the 'loss'...being about the financial loss and the reply was more or less, you can't count losses when lives were taken. In today's times, the first mention would be the dollar signs.

    Tho very shocking, the genealogy invovled and famiy history is valuable.

  2. I liked this post very much. Quite interesting. I like discovering bits and pieces of the past. Nice job!