Friday, February 19, 2016

Photo Project

This shot may give you "some" idea of my photo project.
This the neat pile.
I have been through it extensively twice to see exactly what is here. There are at least two albums of old photos missing, according to my memory. I spoke with my brother and he also remembers the same photos in the missing albums. It is a mystery. They are the snapshot photos of both he and I and our twin sisters in the years between 1936 - 1942.

So far, according to my perceived needs, I have ordered three blank vintage albums from e-Bay and new black mounting corners. One of the albums has arrived and there were two packets of white mounting corners inside. That was a surprise. Some of the pictures in the old albums are mounted in white corners, but most are either pasted! glued! or mounted in black corners that have come loose.

I ordered 9 packets of black corners, each containing 252. (2268 corners will hold around 567 photos.) I think I'll have enough corners.
So far I have spent only $104.06 including shipping and handling charges. ($49.14 corners) ($54.92 blank vintage photo albums, two brand new). I sure hope that will be all!
Click on image to view larger
The other two albums arrived today. One was brand new and there was a packet of black mounting corners in it. The date on the packet was 1952.

Now I should get down to business!


  1. I remember those corners on some old photo albums.

  2. I have one album in particular that's about as old as your photo album with pictures of my grandparents and parents when they were young. I hope to make copies for my two sisters as well as myself, just not right now.

  3. My sister and I did this kind of project years ago...then, as my father aged, he messed up all our work. Oh well.

    You have quite a project going on....and I envy you [at the same time know the long hours ahead]. Oh, and loved the work you did on the portrait below, the the previous post.