Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Anni says the "image generator" is addictive. Well I already know that my compulsion for creating photo manipulations is addictive. Sometimes I make up to ten of a particular photo and then compare and save an assortment that please me.

Of course, when Anni posted a link to one site I haven't used yet, I HAD to try it. After experimenting and then making a few and eliminating a few, I decided to keep these.  I used a picture of my lifelong friend's granddaughter when she became engaged. The big event happened in Italy when they visited her brother who was studying there. I love them both, their mother and father and my deceased best friend.  Sarah knows I do these and is "arty" herself, so I feel free to be me.

This young lady has the GREENEST eyes I have ever come across, and is very expressive. I look forward to attending the June wedding!
To really see the effects, click on image to view larger.


  1. Oooo! I must check this out! She is lovely by the way.

  2. Emerald eyes!!! Such beauty. A gift.

    And your images....such pretty...well done, all of them.

    Is the wedding going to be held in Italy?