Friday, January 22, 2016

John Deere Rode the Road

Cold here this AM and the snow blower won’t start.The Mister was getting it ready to work it IF we get enough. DARN! Always SOMETHING! He says the starter is shot; got that going but then another switch failed. He started it up about a month ago and it worked fine. He is always prepared and has serviced it completely on a very regular basis all of its life to date. 

Decisions, decisions, determination....well, we need new one! He went to town and made deal for a smaller one but not too costly with trade in. John Deere is 29 years old! I found the original sales slip. He has been GOOD and dependable all these years. He still has value for someone looking for used. Dealer can fix it at business place. WE paid $1,100 for him in 1987 but got 29 years of hard work so it has cost $38 a year!!  We only spent ever spent $149.95 in 2005 to have an electric start up kit installed.

In came Orange Husqvarna. Some things can be replaced, some not. 
Out with the old John Deere

Ready and waiting...

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