Monday, January 4, 2016


To tell the truth, this recipe wore me out! I was trying to replicate an old recipe that my grandmother used. The recipe is lost, but the memories aren't. The cookies were large, very large. They were crispy on the outside edges and softer in the middle. The main thing I remember is that they were very lemony and very sugary. She kept them in a large grey tin marked "Cookies" under her kitchen sink. It seems as if they were always there.  I think these gems come close. 
I used a fine grate to zest my lemons. I used my old pastry blender to incorporate the zest into the sugar. 

I used an electric juicer to obtain the juice that was called for. There was a lot of juice left over, so I froze it.

Then the Big Red Workhorse was put to use. When all mixed, the dough had to go into the refrigerator for an hour to become firm. The next step was to scoop up and roll some dough into 6 large balls, then roll each ball in the sugared zest, then press each down on the baking sheet with a small bowl. It seemed to take forever for them to bake the 14 minutes while I washed some of the dishes. 
It seemed to be a long five minute wait for them to be ready to remove from the sheet.

Next, the entire process was again begun. Four times. I’m glad I timed each batch in the oven and watched as the temperature remained steady. I really think it was important. 

If there were some way to share these you would be appalled at their deliciousness! Oh my GOSH!  
please click on cookie to taste  

I have each one stored in its own sealed bag. Too much of a good thing is not good, don’t you know! One at a time, and once in a while they will leave their wrap and be enjoyed like a fine wine. Hopefully.  

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