Sunday, January 3, 2016

Take a Break....

I have noticed that our cable TV stations have some old television episodes, but not the ones I used to enjoy in "old days time."

Going back to light and silly and sometimes offensive "comedy" was tons of fun for me this morning. I just spent many moments watching full episodes of a few old favorite shows. Wow! TV content was definitely very different back then! Better too, in my way of thinking. Not much violence and no gore. 

Thank you dear YouTube and steady internet connection for my painful ribcage from laughing too hard. 

Remember these?

Johnny Carson
Alfred Hitchcock
All in the Family
Barney Miller
Burns and Allen
Dennis the Menace
Doogie Howser, M.D.
Evening Shade
Family Ties
Father Knows Best
The Flying Nun
Good Times
Green Acres
I Dream of Jeannie
It's About Time
Jack Benny
The Jeffersons
Leave it to Beaver
Mr. Belvedere
Mister Ed
My Mother The Car
One Day at a Time
The Partridge Family
The Ropers
Sanford and Son
Small Wonder
Three's a Crowd
Three's Company
The Three Stooges
Too Close for Comfort

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