Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hinky Camera

At 7am I looked out on the frozen lake as I was pouring my coffee and saw FIVE adult deer wandering around out there right in the middle.  Grabbed the camera, held it to the marvelous sight and tried to focus. WELL! The camera kept blurring, unblurring continually and the micro icon appeared. I then zoomed on the deer and the camera showed nothing but blur. 

Meanwhile, the deer just meandered up the bank and over the road and down to deerland while I was still trying to get a picture. I shut down the camera, turned it on again, tried again - same results. In frustration I just pushed the button down and took a picture. The resulting shot is below. Camera sure was smart. Knew I liked critters of all kinds! It worked really hard to please me. Yeah....
It was trapped between the outside window and the inside window and is still there, but has moved around.


  1. I'll bet the camera was trying to focus on the spider the whole time.