Tuesday, January 12, 2016


All day yesterday I experienced a physical phenomena that I have had a couple of times in the past few years. I was so convinced that something outside the cabin was causing it that I insisted the Mister go out and inspect the area all around. Nope! It wasn’t the sewer pump. Nope! It wasn’t the freezer in the carport that had tilted and was leaning on the logs. Nope! there wasn’t construction in the nearby area. Nope! The automatic generator wasn’t the cause. Nope! The well and water pump were quiet. Nope! There wasn’t any type of aircraft above.  It was coming from myself! Nope! I wasn’t going to la la land yet. I was just vibrating and hearing a steady low-tone hum which was coming from the floor under me right up and through the top of my head. WHOA! No matter what I did it wouldn’t stop. ALL DAY LONG!

Today I know it was my inner mind creating. It was trying to squeeze out the conglomeration of deeply embedded thoughts about something I had considered doing and then didn’t do anything about it. Today the vibration and hums have totally disappeared. The cause has been appeased.

On January 1 of this year, a very talented sea glass jeweler, with whom I have had the personal pleasure of meeting and sharing, had posted a challenge on her website. I have been following her growth since meeting her in SC in 2010. The challenge sounded like something I might like to try. 

Since I don't think anyone who reads this blog and contest will be entering, I submit to you mine.

First the pebbles dumped from the pot and spread out on the table with the 6 pieces of sea glass laid on top:
Then I layered my dog fennel photograph on top:

My Challenge Description:
After reading the poem, I continuously thought about my beach pebble collection and my 6 remaining pieces of sea glass hidden away in a trinket box.  Then the older photo I took several years ago of the wild and beautiful dog fennel, invaded my thoughts and demanded inclusion of rebirth and growth and future. Somehow my fingers found their way into this “Future Grains of Sand” photo manipulation. The pebbles have been resting in an old enamel potty and needed to be revived. My glass is the colors of peace. The architecture of body and mind, hand and eye all became creative fire. 
Click on image to feel my rebirth inspiration
Link to Challenge

"CONTEST TERMS: By entering in the Carter Sea Glass Design Challenge, I have read and understand the rules stated. I have used genuine sea glass or sea pottery in my creation. I have at least one physical piece of sea glass or sea pottery included in my artwork. I am only entering one submission with one image. I am the sole artist of the submitted artwork and it does not include any trademarked or copyrighted content not owned by myself. I grant Made By Meg permission to use the information and media I submit through this form."


  1. oh, that sounds rather dreadful but i'm glad you see it as a positive thing!

  2. Nice... you are very creative... :)