Monday, January 25, 2016


My introduction to Tupperware happened in 1953. Two girlfriends and I decided to take a car trip to St. Petersburg, Florida where one of them had an aunt who was open to having “we three” stay with her. She had no idea what she was going to experience when three 17 year olds went carousing around and beaching. Oh no, but that is another story.

We took turns driving my 1940 Ford and shared expenses by each contributing to a can on the dashboard to pay for gasoline, burgers, and soda. When the can ran dry, we all put in another equal deposit and that’s how it went. I cannot, for the life of me, remember if we stayed overnight anywhere on the way, but don’t think we did. 

The dear aunt fed us when we were there as her guests and all of her serving pieces were the new plastic Tupperware. We ate from the dishes, bowls, and used the cups. I remember her service consisted of all pastel colors of yellow, green, blue, peach, pink and clear. It was strange but exciting because she told us we were “testers” and she would receive a reward if we would each write a story about how nice it was to eat and drink from this flexible product. I remember that it smelled ‘funny.’

After my marriage in 1955 I hosted and attended many of the parties and accumulated a grand amount of the pieces. Even today I still use some of the old items. I have and still use several of the storage containers, the salt and pepper shakers, butter dish, measuring pitchers, funnels, lettuce keeper, colanders, hamburger press and freezer storage, little lidded midget cups, and more. The very large 26 cup bowls, (I remember having three!) were used to feed my horses their grain in the pasture. They lasted for a long time. 

Today, I looked at my “Apple Green Servaliers” and  wondered what vintage they were. After research, I have found that they were the hit of the 70’s. It was and still is the wonderful snap of those one touch servalier lids that has resulted my continual use of these.

Do you use Tupperware? Believe it or not, it still has value as "vintage!" 
The color is "Apple Green" not Avocado
Each is holding something;  sugar, flour, and more.
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  1. i have a couple of lt. blue ones i kept from my mother-in-law. :)

  2. Yes I use Tupperware but it's hardly collectible. It's of a 1970's and 80's vintage.
    I want to thank you for your comment. I was beginning to think that I had worn out my welcome on Blogger. I don't want to quit Blogger, but after getting a few looks but no comments I was beginning to think that I had really become completely uninteresting. Maybe I will have to do several posts to gain some of the people back. Blogging is much more interesting the Facebook to me though I admit I have posted a few things on there and have seen some amusing pictures and videos, but it seems that you don't have to do much thinking there.
    Once again thanks for your support.

  3. I have salt and pepper shakers left to me by a dear friend

  4. I used to have tons of the product. But, today, only ONE remains in use...and that is the pitcher with lid.

  5. Probably better than new tupperware

  6. I have a few pieces, middle bowl from a 3 piece covered set and a few plastic glasses, about 3 cereal bowls.