Saturday, January 16, 2016

Willie Made Me Cry

Last night, as I watched him be honored by friends and peers during the hour and half television broadcast, there were several times my eyes watered and I dabbed at the overflow that ran down my cheeks. This is because I love Willie. I have loved him since first watching and hearing him sing on the Grand Ole Opry in 1965. His sweet inner passion, expressed with the gritty voice got to me. I don't call myself a fan. I just love Willie. Always have.

The PBS show I watched was the 2015 Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. He even has a new record, titled "Summertime: Willie Sings Gershwin." I already have pre-ordered this album which will come out in February. He has the honor of being the first country artist to be awarded this prize. That in itself, tells me that I was right so many years ago, when I promoted him to my friends, who, by the way didn't agree at all with my view, and I have been able to think through these years, "I told you so!" That's over 50 years of loving Willie - through his and my thick and thin years. I read somewhere that he has written more than 2,500 songs and released about 300 albums, so I guess I did pick a winner.

Willie sat in the balcony with his wife holding his hand during most of the show, which featured others singing his music. His long braids, a bit mussy, hung over his chest as he nodded, acknowledged the renditions and the performers. He looked a bit tired and frail and his expressions seemed to be somewhat strained, but he is, after all 82. Well he bounced back when his turn to perform rose.  To top the night off, he strode strongly across the stage, carrying Trigger, his much-loved and beat up guitar, to sing to me. His two sons were part of his finale, playing and singing along side. Yep! My blue eyes were crying then!

This photo is from the site below.

I first came across the announcement for this show here:
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  1. When we lived in Tucson, Bud and I got tickets to his live concert. Then, here in Corpus. I TOO LOVE Willie!!! For all the bad 'hype' he has received in his lifetime, with fines/taxes/and other things in the one EVER tells us of the GOOD he has done.

    This I will have to see if it's repeated and watch it for myself.

    "You Were Always on my Mind!!!"

    1. ps...I found it online and watched it. Boy, that son of his, Lucas [the one on the left of the screen] sure sounds a lot like Willie!

    2. I thought so as well. Glad you found it. (Lucas went to school in HI with the granddaughter of my best friend. I'm told he's extremely talented and nice to know.)