Saturday, January 2, 2016

First Snow & Split Pea Soup

Well it was only a squall but left a ground cover on January 1, 2016 at 3:15 pm.
The Christmas ham leftovers have been processed. Yesterday the edible slabs and chunks were packaged and some were ground into salad type condition, using the old Gem. The bone and scraps simmered in the pot for about 8 hours.  I strained the bones and remnants in my trusty metal colander over a large plastic dishpan in my wonderful large sink. The rich brown broth was then poured back into the ancient 6 quart pot and set outdoors to cool overnight. This morning I retrieved the pot, and skimmed off all of the white fat layer (lard?) that had floated to the top. It was about a quarter of an inch thick and it was removed totally and easily.  

After rinsing two packages of dried split peas, (throwing out the "ham flavor packets" that are in with the peas) and adding a package of frozen chopped onions, the soup was started. It is still simmering after 7 hours. There will be no need for further straining as it will become a smooth, kind of thickish gruel. No lumps or bumps. I'll then add pepper and leave it to others for the salting.  I will freeze portions and keep a few for myself. I had a bowlful for lunch ALREADY! Ahhhhhhh....

A total of 6 quarts ought to keep us knee deep in pea soup, don't you think?

I sure would love to be able to share it with Carole, Anni and Theresa who have indicated in the past that it is one of their favorites.
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  1. oh, yes ma'am! yum! and the snow looks pretty.

  2. You definitely have me drooling!!! Most certainly. I can just TASTE it now. Soup, a buttered biscuit, and good company. Nothing better Ms. G!!

    1. Okay....I'm gonna go up in the attic and find my snow shoes. I'll be on your doorstep shortly!!!