Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back into the Swing..

I have found another new way to enjoy myself. I have done these before - in fact I've made many, but a new free internet program is what I used this time. I find it relaxing to play with pictures.

I have a friend who trucks cross country from South Carolina to Florida and then out to California and back.  She and her husband make their living this way in their own Peterbuilt with a sleeper.  She has always sent me nice shots of sunsets, sunrises, trees, mountains, rainbows, weather, clouds, flowers and whatever else grabs her attention. Their dog goes too!
The latest images she sent were those of a dying tree. I went back into my files and found some of her older pictures of tree roots and put them together as a collage. (two versions)

I've taken some very similar shots myself.

Then I dug out some of the dozens of photos I have of her and created another collage. We met on the South Carolina beach many years ago. 

The last one for today is one I just made of some of my rose images.
I've ordered a 2' x 6' roll of linen wrapping paper with this one. Why? you might say. Because I want it is my answer. Once in a while a gal has to splurge!

You may view all images larger by clicking on one.


  1. personally created wrapping paper - now that's cool! :)

  2. Wow! That is a fabulous idea. I love that wrapping paper can be made from some of your most special pictures.