Sunday, August 24, 2014

Scattered Happenings

This is REALLY a mix of just little parts of recent days.
Dominic Ernesto S. arrived. 
I think their family dog Massimo, was feeling left out.
My daughter (new grandma) has nice tomatoes from seeds I saved.
My fog photo was included in the weekly TV slide show.
I have made over 80 scans of an ancestor's 3" x 4" 1860  fragile farmhand diary and learned some very nice facts. I will work many more hours on this project. I then will tell you what life really was for him throughout one year at age 27. I even found an old receipt in the pocket of the diary.

I made wild plum jam AND yesterday, I made simple wild plum leather. There are no preservatives - the only ingredients are pureed plums and a little sugar. Since I had never done this before and don't have a dehydrator,  I was amazed how satisfactory it came out and how very tasty it is! Nice surprise.

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  1. the plum leather is unique! love the pup and congrats on the new family member!

  2. Congratulations on your family. The fruit roll up looks great!

  3. I had a plum leather coat once. Just once. It was tasty though. I congratulate on your new family member. I detect a distinct Italian flavor to the names.

  4. Welcome to our world Dominic!!! And the puppy...give him a pet for me. Poor thing....neglected. I would LOVE plum leather. My mom used to make it from choke cherries.

    And that diary...what a treasure. Priceless.

  5. There was a lot of fun things going on in this post. I've never heard of plum leather, but it sure looks good. I love that it's healthy, too. Oh and congrats... Dominic is soooooo adorable... :)