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The Ancestor's Diary

The Dairy


It was the year 1860. Abraham Lincoln was elected president on November 6. The little black book came to me through my mother’s saved treasures. It may have been passed on to her from her mother and her mother may have received it from her mother. I’m not sure. 
The name “Folkner” is mentioned. The name “Ayres” is mentioned. “Sussex” is mentioned. “New Jersey” is mentioned. My mother, Pauline Folkner Drake was born October 1, 1914 in NJ. Her mother, Mary Abigail Folkner (Drake) was born in 1874 and married in 1896 in Andover, Sussex County, NJ.  Her mother, Malinda Ann Ayres was married in 1870 in Greenville, Sussex County, NJ to James Marshall Folkner. b.5-28-1843. This little daily diary must have been written by his brother, Abraham D. Folkner. There is no owner’s name in the diary. It shows that the birthdate of the author is October 3, 1833. According to the bible records that is Abraham's birthdate. To the best of my research throughout the diary the author is unmarried. He was 27 years of age when he wrote his entries on each and every day of the year 1860.
I refer to him as The “Author.”  He was a hired hand on a working farm, living in Ohio. At the end of each day he always returned to Mexico. I therefore assume that he lived in the town of Mexico. “The pocket diary is for registering events of past or present occurrence, for the use of merchants, manufacturers, mechanics, housekeepers, and professional men.” It was also used as one of a hired farm hand.  My Note: An agricultural base of life is very hard work.

  • Personal Attributes and Health Issues
  • Personal Activities
  • Clothing and Items Purchased
  • Relatives Mentioned
  • Employer Names 
  • Minister (Reverend) Names and Church Activities
  • Chores (in Order of Happening)
  • Friends, Acquaintances and Others Mentioned
  • Places Mentioned
  • His Memoranda End of Year
  • My Notes
My listings are almost all in order of occurrence in diary entries
Page 1
Personal Attributes and Health Issues

Never gave name -Believed to be Abraham D. Folkner
Birthdate October 3, 1833 (Age 27 year of diary 1860)

January 25 - severe cold on lungs
March 21 - was cold (weather or himself?)
April 28 - had toothache
April 29 - had tooth extracted
June 30 - bathed in the Sandusky River
September 11 - had a light chill of the ague*
September 16 - had haircut
November 24 - was extremely cold (weather or himself?)

*AGUE Ague (A-gyoo) is a severe fever that's marked by recurring chills, shivering, and sweating. Sometimes, ague refers just to the chills and shivering, topped off by joint and bone pain.

                                                                                               Page 2
Personal Activities
  • Attended church every Sunday
  • Joined Singing Society in Mexico
  • Went to Singing School at Bears Schoolhouse
  • Went to Spelling School at Bears Schoolhouse
  • Participated in singing group
  • Attended lectures (by Indian captive Matthew Braton)(Phenologist* lecture no good)
  • Attended political meetings & orations (Tiffin, August 1, for Lincoln, orations by Clay, Bates, & Sherman)(Mexico, September 1, oration by Moses Gibson)
  • Subscribed to Sussex Register( NJ) Date of Publication: 1813-1943
  • Subscribed to Christian Advocate and Journal
  • Subscribed to Tiffin Weekly Tribune (OH) Date of Publication: 1859-1868
  • Paid poll tax
  • Dated (“sparks”) Miss E. J. Bare
  • Went squirrel hunting
  • Hunted pigeons 
  • Wrote letters to friends and relatives
  • Attended wedding of friends
  • Transported friends to a party
  • Shared oysters with friend
  • Attended lawsuit for assault of James Bear
  • Attended school with teacher Madison Lynch
  • Visited to sing at friend’s homes
  • Had a party from Mexico to sing
  • Took two women to Sycamore
  • Had a flareup with the horses
  • Attended parties
  • Appointed as Assistant Superintendant of Sunday School
  • Attended picnic at Melmore
  • Borrowed buggy
  • Attended “Pic Nic” at Farmers Hill
  • Traveled to U.S. Fair and Cincinnati OH
  • Attended National Theatre
  • Traveled to Seneca County Fair
  • Visited city of Covington KY
  • Visited Museum in Covington KY
  • Traveled to Mechanics Fair in Lexington KY
  • Attended Seneca Community Fair
  • Heard introduction to course of lectures on physiology*
  • Heard lecture on digestion
  • Attended apple paring bee
  • Went through physiological* examination, got a chart
  • Attended Wide Awake meeting                                           
  • Attended more political meetings and a mammoth mass meeting
  • Page 3 cont'd
  • Spent a day reading and singing
  • Hugged a Bare in the evening (Miss Elizabeth or Miss Mary??-probably Elizabeth)
  • Collected for Sunday School
  • Went to presidential election in Sycamore November 6 (I assume he voted) 
  • Participated in a Republican Jubilee (Wide Awake torches cut the Republican pole down)
  • Quote: “The Republicans had a Jolification over their presidential victory.”
  • Finished reading the old testament through the second time
  • Lounged around
  • Went to a taffy party
  • Got George shod In Sycamore (his horse??)
  • Shot a squirrel with the rifle
  • Had a spark Miss Bare (Miss Elizabeth or Miss Mary??-probably Elizabeth)
  • Took a horseback ride with Allie Funk to Crawfordville and had a pleasant time.
  • Got his boots mended in Mexico

*Phenology - The scientific study of periodic biological phenomena, such as flowering, breeding, and migration, in relation to climatic conditions.
* Physiology - the branch of biology dealing with the functions and activities of living organisms and their parts, including all physical and chemical processes.
Page 4
Clothing and Items Purchased
  • Bought a can of oysters and 4 lbs. crackers
  • Purchased some books in Tiffin
  • Bought a gold pen, bridle, martingales and a pair of fine boots. 
  • Paid 75¢ for book for Mrs. Lynch.
  • Sent $1.00 to Hall & Edsal for The Sussex Register
  • Sent $1.00 to Joe Leetson for the Christian Advocate and Journal
  • Bought coat in Tiffin $16.50 
  • Went shopping to Melmore with Mrs. Linch and bought a satin vest. 
  • Went shopping in Sycamore and bought stuff for pants and shirts at Harpers $3.00
  • Paid Poll Tax
  • Paid 87¢ for shears, received from J. C. Lynch 56¢
  • Subscribed to Tiffin Tribune
  • Donated to the missionary cause $1.00
  • Purchased excursion ticket in Cincinnati $5.35 for Bellfontaine
  • Bought New Discipline of our Church 25¢
  • Bought muslin for two shirts
  • Bought pair boots $2.75
  • Bought overcoat $10.00
  • Purchased a pair of buckskin gloves for 95¢
  • Was measured in Tiffin City for a suit of clothes
  • Picked up whole suit of clothes from Mrs. Volmer for $5.50
  • Bought a pair of drawers 25¢
  • Bought a pocket knife 62¢
Page 5
Relatives Mentioned
  • Mother (wrote letter)(Mother was Susan M. Folkner)
  • Sister Jane Folkner (received letters)(wrote letters) (Sarah Jane)
  • Sister Abbey M. Folkner (received letters)(wrote letters)(Abigail Meriah)
  • Sister Elisabeth Letson (received letter)(Mary Elizabeth)
  • Brother John Folkner (wrote letter)(received letters)(John)
  • Brother Ben Folkner (visited in Tiffin City)(had dinner and tea with him)(dined with)(stayed overnight there)(got up a party and visited him at the infirmary)(Benjamin)
  • Cousin Lottie Poyers (signed a refunding bond from and to Gabriel Wolverton, administrator for a letter from her and another from  Anna Flummerfelt)(read letters)(wrote letters)
  • Cousin Libbie Hibler (wrote letters)(received letters)
  • Cousin Hattie Hock (received letter)
  • Uncle Andrew.S. Hibler (received letter)(wrote letters)
  • Elijah Folkner (wrote letter)
  • Mrs. Leah Letson (received letter)
                                                                                                Page 6
Employer Names
  • Joseph  C. Lynch (Loaned Mr. Lynch $75. Jan 28)(Worked this year for $14.00  per month) (Hired on for next season for $15.00 per month)
  • Mrs. Lynch (bought her a book for 75¢)
  • Frank Baker
  • George Biles
Minister (Reverend) Names and Church
  • Reverend Mc Clain (Presley)
  • Ben Thompson
  • Reverend Williams
  • Elder Lenett (at Melmore, quarterly meeting)(at Mexico, quarterly meeting)(at Sycamore, quarterly meeting)
  • Reverend Mudge at M.E. Church in Tiffin
  • Father Thompson (at Mexico, quarterly meeting)
  • A Stranger preached sermon on May 13
  • Reverend Boyer L. P.
  • Reverend Welch
  • North Bend Baptist meeting in North Bend
  • Reverend Nickles
  • Attended Dedication of the New Presbyterian at McCrutchenville 
  • Reverend Hartman preached a sermon for the paupers in the infirmary, spoke in English and German text. It is appointed once for man to dialects.
  • Heard the funeral sermon of Widow Leeper
  • Heard Mr. Sites preach at North Bend meeting
Page 7
Chores (in order of Happening)
  • Hauled logs and posts
  • Hauled corn, chopped wood, loaded logs
  • Thrashed seed clover
  • Cleaned clover seed
  • Hauled fodder* and rolled logs 
  • Delivered corn to Tiffin
  • Husked 4 shocks* of corn 
  • Hauled corn fodder
  • Chopped cord wood
  • Knocked off corn stubbles
  • Built fence for sheep
  • Chopped wood in woods for free use
  • Hauled rails and wood
  • Chopped logs to saw by horse power
  • Sawed logs with the crosscut saw
  • Took apples out of the hole
  • Dug out a trench
  • Filled in a trench
  • Hauled manure
  • Hauled manure on garden
  • Dragged logs to saw by horse power
  • Went for lumber in another town
  • Sawed wood by horse power
  • Hauled chips
  • Cleared up the door yard
  • Harrowed the door yard
  • Worked in the garden
  • Transplanted fruit and forest trees
  • Plowed for oats
  • Sowed clover seed
  • Trimmed apple trees
  • Cleared the door yard
  • Hauled out clover chaff*
  • Planted potatoes
  • Plowed corn ground many days in a row in April & May
  • Shopped for seed corn
  • Harrowed and furrowed out corn ground
  • Planted corn on new ground
  • Plowed part of garden and bean patch
  • Hoed the garden
  • Whitewashed
  • Dressed up the orchard
  • Sowed buckwheat and harrowed it in
  • Loaded corn Page 8 cont'd
  • `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
  • Washed sheep
  • Plowed follow* many days in May & June 
  • Replanted corn twice
  • Sheared sheep
  • Plowed corn many times in June
  • Changed the stock to the new ground
  • Mowed with machine
  • Drawed in dray*
  • Drawed* in two loads of sawed wood
  • Burned a log pile
  • Went in harvest with the reaper
  • Harvested for Blair and for Lynch
  • Bought some lambs
  • Cradled* wheat for William Gibbs
  • Plowed potatoes
  • Harrowed follow
  • Drawed wheat with two wagons several times
  • Helped thrash for Frank Baker
  • Topped out wheat stacks
  • Fenced the wheat stacks
  • Drawed in oats
  • Repaired fence
  • Drawed up two loads of wheat, went to Tiffin & sold it
  • Plowed 9 acre field
  • Burned stubble
  • Filled the lane
  • Separated the lambs from the ewes
  • Plowed in the spring field
  • Plowed in the corner field
  • Cut apples
  • Hauled out old stack bottom
  • Sowed wheat in the little run field
  • Drilled in wheat and timothy seed in the Spring field
  • Shoveled the wheat about in the bin to keep from spoiling
  • Cut corn
  • Sowed 231/2 bushels of wheat on 14 acres in the follow field
  • Sowed 171/2 bushels of wheat on 9 acres in the stubble field
  • Cracked down the buckwheat in the orchard
  • Reaped seed clover
  • Cleaned up loads of wheat
  • Cut buckwheat
  • Hauled off some corn
  • Hauled some pumpkins several times
  • Drawed in load of seed clover
  • Thrashed rye
  • Brought straw bundles Page 9 cont'd
  • `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
  • Husked corn and drawed it in for election day for state
  • Drawed in 2 loads pumpkins
  • Thrashed 4 loads of buckwheat
  • Drawed in 7 loads seed clover
  • Thrashed 6 loads buckwheat
  • Repaired bridge
  • Thrashed oats with machine
  • Dug potatoes
  • Picked up cider mill at Wm. Gibbs
  • Made cider
  • Picked winter apples
  • Cleaned out bath wells and cistern
  • Hauled wood
  • Finished digging potatoes 
  • Drawed 10 loads pumpkins
  • Finished picking winter apples
  • Marked the pigs from up the hogs to fat
  • Husked corn several days
  • Turned the pigs in the woods
  • Delivered 2 loads of wheat several trips
  • Got horses shod
  • Lost the third hog
  • Picked cider apples
  • Drawed one load of onions
  • Drawed 4 loads corn
  • Husked 4 loads of corn and drawed it in (thrice)
  • Myself husked 80 bushels of corn ears or 5 bushels of shelled corn. “Who can beat it.”
  • Thrashed buckwheat
  • Took a barrel buckwheat to Mexico
  • Buried potatoes and cabbage
  • Fenced stacks
  • Husked corn, drawed a lold of wood, drawed in last of pumpkins
  • Killed a pig
  • Husked 61 stacks of corn (4 bushels myself) Snowed
  • Repaired barnyard fence
  • Fenced the apples and potato holes
  • Buried the apples
  • Finished drawing corn fodder for this year
  • Drawed corn fodder and straw to cover the shed
  • Hauled rails and fenced the corn fodder by the barn
  • Cleaned barn to prepare for seed clover thrashing
  • Helped J. C. Lynch thrash and clean clover seed with Heckman's machine
  • Prepared for butchering pork or hogs
  • Helped J.C. Lynch butcher his pork, killed 8 hogs
  • Cut up pork and put it down - (on Christmas Day) Page 10 cont'd
  • `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
  • Helped J.C. Lynch trying out* lard and making sausage for two days
  • Sawed wood at the woodpile
  • Chopped wood on the woodpile - (December 31)

* To shock corn is to cut the corn stalks, place them in armful-sized bundles, and stack the bundles against each other so that they stand up.
* Fodder or animal feed is any agricultural foodstuff used specifically to feed domesticated livestock, such as cattle, goats, sheep, horses, chickens and pigs.
* Chaff is the dry, scaly protective casings of the seeds of cereal grain or similar fine, dry, scaly plant material such as scaly parts of flowers, or finely chopped straw. Chaff is inedible for humans, but livestock can eat it.
* Fallow - Idle crop land. The most common reasons in modern agriculture are to conserve moisture for future use and for weed control. In extremely dry areas, for instance, wheat is grown every other year. Fields lie fallow.
* Dray - a low, strong cart without fixed sides, for carrying heavy loads.
* Drawed in - I think he means brought in or dragged
* Cradled - to gently support
* Trying Out - To render - You "tried out" the fat in a great iron kettle over a fire out of doors to avoid saturating the house with the odor.
Page 11
Friends, Acquaintances and Others Mentioned
  1. Jennie Hibler and her brother James Hibler (author wrote letters)
  2. James Hibler (author read his confession)
  3. G. Wolverton (author wrote letter)
  4. William Gibbs (author dined)(author sang there)(author stayed overnight there)(author cradled wheat for him)(author went to a surprise party)(author attended an apple cut)(author visited often)(author visited Gibbs mother) 
  5. Andrew Vought (author together with him, wrote letter)(he stayed overnight several times)
  6. David Brands (author visited)
  7. Miss Larisa Dewit of Sussex (received letter)(author wrote letter)(several more of both)
  8. C. M. Howell (author wrote letter) (received letters)
  9. Matthew Brayton (Indian captive, author attended lecture)
  10. Joe and John Pennington (author transported a load of folks to his party)(took dinner to Doc Johnson Pennington)
  11. Tobias Vanhorn (authorwrote letter)(received letter)
  12. Abram Swayze  of Sycamore (author shared oysters)(dined with)(had visit from him & wife)(author visited, left trunk)(author borrowed & returned his buggy)
  13. George Naggle (author paid for the loan of his sleigh)
  14. Miss Anna Flummerfelt (author wrote letter)
  15. Isaac Swaze and D. Brant (brought children home from school with them)
  16. Miss Henrietta Slack of Milford PA (author wrote letter together with Andrew Vought)(received letter)(author sent letter)
  17. Cristopher Gibbs (author dined together with Andrew Vought)(dined)
  18. James Blair (author attended lawsuit for assault on him by citizens of Mexico)(drawed in harvest with the reaper)
  19. Abram Bear (author dined together with Andrew Vought)(invited there, and *sparked)(went to a taffy party there)
  20. Miss Emogene Ayres (author wrote letter)
  21. Miss Emma J. Ayres (received letter)(author wrote leader)
  22. Miss Eugenia Miller (received letter)
  23. Jacob R. Leetson (author commenced letter)
  24. Madison Lynch (teacher at Bare’s Schoolhouse)
  25. Peter Hapler (author overnight guest)(author wrote letter)
  26. Peter Miller (author wrote letter)
  27. Emma E. Hibler (author wrote letter)
  28. George Biles (dined there with Andrew Vought)(sang there)(author visited)(cut apples there)(thrashed oats for him)
  29. J. Franks (author visited)
  30. Debolt Bloom (delivered wood)
  31. Thomas Swandess (author stayed all night and held girls a *spark)
  32. Mr. Parmers (author visited)
  33. Wm. Hechman (author visited)(went to Tiffin at night had a runaway)?? horse?person?                                       
  34. Hall & Edsel - Sussex Register (author wrote letter to rectify mistake)
  35. Miss Jane W. Hibler (author wrote letter)
  36. Mrs. Lynch (author went to Melmore shopping with her)
  37. Miss Ann Solar and Miss Sidney Lonis (author took to Sycamore) 
  38. Frank Baker(author visited several times)(later worked for him)(helped thrash with machine)
  39. Jacob Albertson (received visit and stayed over night)(took him to Tiffin)(received letter)(author wrote letter)
  40. Abe Dilaplane (author attended party)(dined there)
  41. Levi Pennington (author shopped for seed corn)
  42. *Miss Libbie Bear (spark)(good spark June 25)(nice chat)
  43. J. R. Leetson (author wrote letter)
  44. Levi Gibbs & Andrew Vought (guests for dinner at home & went to singing school)
  45. William Badgers (author bought lambs from him)
  46. John Biggs (author borrowed his buggy)(dinner)
  47. Joseph Biggs (author visited several times)
  48. Mr. Holmes
  49. *Miss Elizabeth J. Bare(author took to Mr.Holmes)(received a note)(took to Madison, had good time)(author got dinner for both Misses)(had a spark)
  50. Miss Mary Bare(took to Mr.Holmes)
  51. Governor Bates(author heard [Joshua Hall Bates] (March 5, 1817 – July 26, 1908)
  52. Mr. Cashman(sp?) M. Clay and Mr. Sherman (Orators at Lincoln political oration)(author heard speak)
  53. Moses Coe Gibson, Orator (author heard speak)
  54. Charles Shuler of Butsville(author saw at Singing Society)(stayed with author overnight) 
  55. Judge Carey (author heard address at meeting in Mexico)
  56. Mr. Shoemaker (author stayed over at his place in Tiffin)
  57. Professor Parson (he presented a course of lectures on physiology*)(author had exam by him)
  58. Calvin Rogers (author had apple paring bee there)
  59. Mr. Dewitt (author heard speaker at Wide Awake Meeting)
  60. Mary Bentz (she visited author)
  61. Stephen A. Douglas (author heard him address a mammoth mass meeting)
  62. Judge Teese (author heard him speak) 
  63. J. S. Harden (author read letter “my likeness” ?)
  64. Mrs. Volmer (of Tiffin) (seamstress made author suit of clothes)
  65. Widow Leeper (author heard funeral sermon)
  66. Will Wilgins (author noted he started to NJ with Andrew Voght)
  67. Dr. Clark (unreadable as to what author did)
  68. Isiah Gibbs (author went with him to Henry Hears, Esq.)
  69. Henry Hears, Esq. (author went to him with Isiah Gibbs)
  70. Allie Funk (author took a horseback ride with her)
  71. Mat Finch (author mentioned in memo #2)     Pages 12 & 13 cont'd
  72. `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
*Miss Libbie Bear and Miss Elizabeth Bare possibly same person

* Spark - to woo or court - to respond with enthusiasm
* Physiology - the branch of biology dealing with the functions and activities of living organisms and their parts, including all physical and chemical processes.
                                                                                              Page 14
Places Mentioned (with maps at end)

Mexico (Crawford County OH)(He went there almost every day after working)
Crawfordville ? Cannot find on map
(Crawford County)
Sycamore Singing school -  Bears Schoolhouse - Went shopping there
Page 15 cont'd
Peppermint Valley (no longer on map - in the upper OHIO VALLEY) Spelling School
Melmore Went shopping there
Tiffin Brother Ben Folkner lives there  
                                                                                         Page 16 cont'd
Sandusky River Bathed in the river.
Dayton Attended U.S. Fair and National Theater
                                                                                         Page 17 cont'd
Cincinatti Traveled through on way to KY
North Bend Visited 
Covington KY Visited  Museum and Mechanics Fair
                                                                                         Page 18 cont'd
Bellefontaine Bought excursion ticket in Cincinnatti to go there 
McCrutchenville   Dedication new Presbyterian Church
                                                                                                    Page 19
Author’s Memoranda page notes, End of Year


  • Character of the country in Ohio its peculiarities to be observed in letters
  • 1st nature of the soil and husking and feeding corn
  • Building fences
  • Fruit
  • Timber
  • Worth or price of horses
  • Price of corn and wheat
  • Number of bushels per acre
  • Sell corn in the ear
  • Manner of raising wheat


  • Days that I do not work promised not lost. 
  • 1 day went to Tiffin paid a visit to Brother Ben’s with Mrs. Baker Mr. & Mrs. Lynch June the 23rd.
  • Went to Tiffin to a mass meeting 1 day August the 1st.
  • Saturday August the 11th half day promised me if I would help finish plowing the stubble field along the road he would give me clear. Got done a little after noon, prepared to to go Mat Finch’s.

  • Thursday Oct 18 cleaned out both wells and the cistern J. C. Lynch promised me that should make up all of my lost time up to that time.
  • Difference between an idea and realization of morality keep pace with intelligence and piety balance learning.

Page 20
My Notes
  • Matthew Brayton - Found much information and narrative on internet. Wrote book about 34 years captivity.
  • Joshua Hall Bates - Found information on internet. Civil War Union Brigadier General. Ohio Governor, Ohio State Senate, he resigned in 1864. He resumed his law practice after leaving politics.
  • Moses Coe Gibson - Found information on internet. B. Oct. 25, 1814, Steubenville, Jefferson County, Ohio. Buried Tiffin, Seneca County, Ohio
  • Mr. Sherman - Found no information on internet. Orator - I don’t think it was William Tecumseh Sherman who was born to a prominent family in Lancaster, Ohio, on February, 8, 1820
  • Mr. Clay - Found no information on internet in time period around 1860. Orator
  • Wide Awakes - Found much information on internet. The militarism of the Wide Awakes helps explain how the election of Lincoln sparked the Civil War. The structured, militant Wide Awakes appealed to a generation profoundly shaken by the partisan instability of the 1850s and offered young northerners a much-needed political identity.
  • Abraham Lincoln elected president on November 6, 1860.
  • Andrew Vought - Indications lead me to believe he was a close friend and they did many things together. 
  • Miss Bare - Sparked, not sure if Elizabeth (Libby) or Mary 
  • Christmas DAY -worked with employer cutting up pork and putting it down.
  • Miss Larisa Dewitt - of Sussex  -They corresponded often. I think she may be my family connection to the Folkners of Sussex, NJ.
  • My listings are almost all in order of occurrence in diary.
  • U.S. Fair Ohio - From information on internet: Held in Dayton Ohio in 1860
  • ? Could my Grandmother, Mary Abigail Folkner Drake, be named after the author's sister, Abbey M. Folkner & Mary's brother, John Folkner, after author's brother John?   
Final Documentation by Geraldine Reed, September 2015  Page 21

Also Found
Susan was Abraham's mother (Abram "nickname")
 James was Abraham's Father

This is James Marshall Folkner whose Brother Abraham D. has written the diary.
(James is my Maternal Great Grandfather)
He is not mentioned in the diary
My grandmother saved this picture
Click on images to view larger
These siblings are mentioned in the diary
These siblings are Not mentioned in the diary
First child - date of death Unknown
Twin to Sister Margaret
date of death Unknown
Twin to brother William
date of death Unknown
Died at 11 months of age
SOURCEU.S. National Park Service: Civil War Soldiers & Sailors Database
MILITARY SERVICEAbraham D. Folkner fought in the Civil War for the Union in the 55 Ohio Infantry. He entered the war with the rank of Private., and left with the rank of Private.

 Crawford County
 Peppermint Valley
 Sandusky River
North Bend
 Covington KY

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