Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mundane Occurrences

I forgot to expect the unexpected! I should have remembered.  First, a favorite newsletter arrived in the mail all chewed up. I enjoy reading this publication and was irritated. Thank goodness I have a friend who can obtain and send me another. 
Next, while preparing lunch, I kept hearing a drip! Drip! It was raining hard outdoors and I thought, but sure hoped not, that we had a leaky roof. Upon further listening I realized the soft sound was coming from under the kitchen sink. Yep! the old drain trap - you know, the one that is "J" shaped, was leaking. The good thing is that I keep some cleaning supplies under there and in plastic tubs. The water was halfway up and some items were floating - in a tub! Mess cleaned up. Call the plumber! Call the plumber! I'll never be able to drain the boiling water from my spaghetti tonight. (He may come later or there will have to be a change in supper plans.)

Plumber Update: It took him only 1/2 hour to repair! Spaghetti for supper after all.

And, how did the spider build this web so fast? It wasn't there a couple of days ago. It wasn't. I think it wasn't. Well...maybe it was. 
If you care to see the image stuff please click on an image. I'll understand if you don't. 


  1. glad the plumber came so quickly! and better than a leaky roof!

  2. I hate those unexpected messes.....especially when they drain my purse! Glad it wasn't anything worse! I have a spider Web able my computer I need to knock down....and I am sure it wasn't there two days ago. They are very speedy creatures.

  3. It's a good thing the cleaning equipment was there to catch some of it!!!

  4. Glad the leak was under the sink where a container was already there to catch the excess. Hope it wasn't too expensive to fix. And that you enjoyed your spaghetti later that night. :)