Thursday, August 7, 2014

Warm and Sunny Summer Day

I want to remember the nice summer days with this writing and with these photos. Sometime this winter, when things are either bright or bleak I might wish to look back on the nice summer days and be reminded of why I love it here. Yes, they are repetitive and may bore you, but I put them here for me. If you like what you see, fine -  maybe you can remember your summer in a similar way when the season is so different.

 Yes, I crocheted the rag rug in 1990. It has survived and in continuous use.

 James still awaits his summer attire! I've been negligent. He stands so stoically.


  1. How could anyone be bored by you? Or your postings? I love to see all the beauty around you!! You are very lucky to be able to live there!

  2. ...that veranda and log exterior looks so inviting! And cool/well shaded.

  3. I remember clothes and sheets hanging on the line at my grandparents' house. The smell was wonderful. A fine collection of memories you have here. :)

  4. It looks like a wonderful summer in your home.