Wednesday, August 6, 2014


As I looked out this early morning, the rain from last evening's thunderstorm left our landscape very wet and green. The large spruce tree in front of the cabin was sparkling and my pictures don't give justice to the scene that I saw in person. Some of the sparkles were very purple and some were very blue, and some were red! I just might take this image and put the sparkles I saw on it - •later.

The seedum on the right front of the cabin is growing very well. As the sun was coming up, I saw drops of water and shadows. The grass was too wet for me to go to the larger one on the other side in front. Being ever cautions of falling, I refrained from walking there in my bare feet, camera in hand.

As I entered the side door I looked up at the bank behind the cabin and the weed-in-flower growing there and reaching up to the sun took my eye and I look higher to see the clear sky behind massive trees that give us shade (and a bit of worry in storms). We had a short power loss again and always are concerned about lightning strikes. 

I heard no birds singing or chirping and saw no squirrels or other wildlife. Perhaps they were still drying out!
Please click on image to view larger.

OK.....this is •later.....


  1. Wishing we had some rain....little bit, large amounts...I'll take it.
    Love the misty morning shot at first and the shadows cast from the plant against the cabin wall.

  2. Loved that last photo....did you touch it up? Also loved the seedum (?) being followed by their shadow. We worry about lightning, too, since our neighbor's back porch was struck a couple of months ago...and our power went out....and I had to buy a new router...didn't affect my computer but burned up my router.

    Thanks for the video of my George pictures. You did a great job and made me feel like you were there with us. That would have been fun, huh? I don't like crowds, either, but sometimes, you just have to suffer a little to enjoy something as wonderful as that night was!

  3. Wow, your seedum is so lush! Looks like you got the sparkly you were after in the last photo. It's very beautiful! Those lightning strikes are scary. My friend's next door neighbor's house caught on fire because of one.

  4. I really like all your shots. I haven't had the time recently to just take some shots. Possibly if Arlene and I get to line up some free time, at the same time, we can take a local side trip and see what we can see.
    Lightning strikes are fairly rare around here but they happen. Just like tornado's. There's only been 5 tornado's since records have been kept, and yet we had one a couple of weeks ago. It's hard to predict nature.

    Thanks for your kind words on my last blog. I will update on my sisters condition, We were told last night after her surgery, that she went through it well.