Saturday, August 30, 2014

I've Been Busy

The sedum has grown so large and succulent this year that it has fallen over. We have not seen it in full pink bloom through the past years as we are out of state when it displays its flowers at their peak beauty.

This year we have at least seen a bit of its elegance.

Alas, it had to be cut down yesterday as it had toppled completely over to the ground. A temporary solution was to cut each stalk and place each one in an old red muck bucket and fill the bucket to the top with water. Hopefully, this will aid in its further progress with its display of pink and then later into a deeper “maroonish” shade.” 

Oh well, Autumn approaches and things die off only to return again the following year. The changing of the seasons is surely the way to understand nature. 
I have been struggling to decipher and document the little 1860 diary. The main problem for me is to ascertain the capitalization, especially of names and places, as the old handwritten script is very unfamiliar to my eyes. 
I first scanned each page, a total of 74 scans. The scans cover 125 pages. The diaries’ binding is starting to come apart now. It was a necessary procedure which enabled me to view the pages in a larger format in order to read and understand it. 

Interpretation and analyzing its contents has been difficult and enlightening at the same time. I have finished with several things yet to solve, and may not be able to come to satisfactory results ever. 

Here is a “teaser” scan to give you an idea of the challenge. These are quite clear and the script isn't very difficult to read. 
I have written a 21 page narrative and am approaching the end of this project. I plan to show you more in the future. You may find it boring and uninteresting. I don’t care. It will be finished and it was something I feel I had to do.  Here is my List Of Contents:

  • Personal Attributes and Health Issues
  • Personal Activities
  • Clothing and Items Purchased
  • Relatives Mentioned
  • Employer Names 
  • Minister (Reverend) Names and Church Activities
  • Chores (in Order of Happening)
  • Friends, Acquaintances and Others Mentioned
  • Places Mentioned
  • His Memoranda End of Year
  • My Notes
More to come in the very near future blog. Please stay tuned.
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  1. Those were very nice pictures. I certainly understand your projects I do the same thing myself. I'm doing it with old pictures. saving them, trying to clean them up and reprinting copies for my sisters and my self.