Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Guest and Goodies

A long-time friend traveled quite a distance with her car to visit for the past two days. She had not been here for many years and it was wonderful to see her. She brought not only herself - she brought goodies! WOW they were wonderful to receive and I had gift overload!
 I haven't had these for many years, yummmmm.
JELLY BEANS! and cups that won't spill. (2 for here and 2 for SC)
 See the collapsible box?
 Three more collapsible boxes and COOKIES!!
 This is really pretty box for storing..........whatever.
For the past two days we gabbed, along with some GRUELING hours of computer study and practices. She just bought a new computer and was unfamiliar with its applications and capabilities. Oh, what a time we had! We sat side by side at the diningroom table with our laptops hooked up to my WiFi as I played the role of "teacher" and she as "student." My computer usage has always been to learn by doing and learning by trial and error.

I have only helped a couple of friends a small bit with computer work and this was a very different learning experience for us both. In fact, on the second day, we got in a really good swing of "I do, now you do" and "If you get stuck, I'll help." Thank goodness she was a good student because I certainly wasn't a good teacher, but at least she went home with some gain in understanding its features and applications. I had to always remember that my way isn't the only way so I learned some things as well.


  1. oh, even though you were 'working' i know you had fun! :)

  2. I'm still basically a computer dummy. I'm happy I can do what I can do.
    Oh you hit a warm spot with me with the pizzelles. My mother made them every Thanksgiving and Christmas. As opposed to store bought ones, my moms were very delicate and melted in you mouth. They were the best. She made them for our neighbors and my friends. A wonderful treat and memory.

  3. I know you are a good teacher because I learned so much from you.

  4. That's so neat that you could teach your good friend computer basics. Sounds like a wonderful visit for you both. Lots of goodies, too. :)