Thursday, July 31, 2014


You don't know me if you don't know and enjoy the love of living a simple life. Contentment in my final years is a very good feeling. This is an example. CORN! The ears were too large for my smaller pot and I just couldn't subject the Mister to crawl under the cupboard and go way back searching for the large "corn kettle." We "made do." My medium sized roasting pan is perfect! It was already easily accessible.
The Mister husks and washes off the silk that is entrapped in the kernels. We really should have a compost pile. There are no horses or cows close by anymore so into the trash they go. Thank goodness for the old and large sink.

A little water was put into the pan and is brought to a rolling boil. The ears are then popped in and covered with the steam vent open.

After it returns to a full boil I count exactly 10 minutes, and remove all ears with tongs. 

I like lots of pepper on mine. The Mister likes lots of salt, no pepper. We roll each ear on a cold stick of butter. It really doesn't use much butter at all. 
See what was left! 

Don't click on the intact ear images to view larger if you love corn. You will want some.


  1. Oh my, that corn looks about as good as my tomato!

  2. This brings back memories of picking and shucking corn on my grandparents' farm. Looks yummy!

  3. I love corn and reading your post made me add it to my grocery list. That was a really good idea to use a roasting pan, too... :)