Wednesday, July 30, 2014


This morning as I looked out the window I saw a large brown hairy critter with a big fat tail on the dirt road just a little bit up the hill. It was just sitting there and I yelled to the Mister, "I see a beaver! Come! NOW!" He was in the bathroom and soon came as the critter was moving into the berm grasses. "THAT is NOT a beaver," he said, it's a woodchuck and the largest I have ever seen!" Well darn! I thought I could catch a shot of the beaver that is damaging the trees around here and I was very disappointed, but the Mister was correct, as I soon realized after watching it move. In the photos below (not mine) you might understand why I  was fooled.


Today was our usual bi-weekly trip to the grocery store in another town. I said to him as we traveled along, "I should have brought the camera because we might see something interesting." Well, don't you just know at the very moment I completed this statement we came upon  a scrawny and scruffy red fox walking across the road right in front of us! It seemed disoriented and lost and was not loping as we have observed one before. When we slowed down it saw us and turned and walked back to where it had entered. We do not purposely participate in "road killing" and avoid it if possible. When we went on, we talked about the fox's confused looks and agreed that it was either sick or, even worse, had rabies! Poor thing! It might  have been better off if we had run it over then and there. camera so no proof of this incident. The photo below (not mine) looks somewhat like it.

Further on down the road I saw the most beautiful pattern that was made when a farmer had mowed hay down on a hillside. IF I had my camera with me the lovely sight would have been captured in the lens to show you this pattern. Light green, dark green, ribbons of wavy lines on a hillside and up close to boot! I'm sorry. Lesson learned. 
The field looked like this:
(This is NOT my photo)
The best thing of the day is that we didn't miss the opportunity to pick up fresh corn from our local growers at the farm stand and we shall have a corn-on-the-cob supper!! (Butter supply is now very good after shopping trip.)


  1. So sad about the fox. We saw one in Pikes Peak hanging around the gift shop. It wasn't sick, but it had been somewhat domesticated by all the tourists feeding him.

    The woodchuck and beaver look very much alike. It also resembles our nutria, which I thought was a beaver until someone corrected me.

    The corn looks wonderful. Enjoy!

  2. I'd have to do a bit of traveling to hit a farm though I do enjoy going to the farmers market held at our city hall weekly. There's nothing like freshly grown food. We've had an outbreak, maybe that's not the proper word, of rabbits. I never saw them in this neighborhood before. The closest wooded are is about a mile away. It's just odd to see a rabbit in an urban area. Maybe I'll get a shot.

  3. You had an interesting trip! Best of all is the corn. I love it this time of year and would have it everyday if I could.

  4. I commented on your post and then it made me sign in again....don't know why....and now I am too sleepy to repeat. :( Darn Google!