Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Good Day

Not a great one because the sun isn't shining but still.....

First, I got our lightweight quilts washed and hung on the line. I've been meaning to do this for several weeks. 

Second, I pulled out the 58 year old faux fur coat from the closet and aired it as I usually do every year. It had a few small mold spots on the fur and lining this year. They brushed off easily. This coat is special to me because my mother bought it for me to keep warm when carrying my second child through the winter months. It did. Later my girls had to beg to wear it once in a while for playing "grown-up" and one actually wore it as part of her Halloween costume. Somewhere I have a photo of me holding my second child (first boy) while wearing it. I need to dig through the old albums that my brother is keeping. The coat was 65% orlon and 35% dynal. It has never been cleaned - the reason? Well the label says to dry clean by furrier method ONLY! Well that, financially, was certainly out of question. Maybe the mold is from baby spit up or candy! I wore it for warmth through five pregnancies. It is a treasure for me, even though the lining is not good now. The texture is still nice and soft and feels sooo good to touch.

The graphic below is the only one like it that I have ever found on the internet. It was SOLD. 

Third, I captured the Kingfisher! Yes, when old friends were visiting, it appeared and I excused myself to get the pictures. 

All in all, everything is fine, thank you.
Don't forget to click on an image to view larger.

Øops! I almost forgot that I undressed James in preparation for another application of preservative and then to be re-dressed for his 4th birthday on August 14.


  1. Who's James?
    The tornado didn't affect me. It was about six miles away. However we did have high wind gusts and a heavy, driving rain.
    Today on the other hand was perfect.
    I wonder if we have kingfishers around here?

  2. Sometimes I wish we had a clothesline. I used to love the way bedding and clothes smelled afterwards. Neat shots of the kingfisher!

  3. lol...they don't know who James is! I do. You need to post his picture again.