Monday, July 14, 2014

Under the Weather

Yes, I have had bronchitis for ten days now and I seem to be improving a bit. I haven't been up to do much at all.

The rainstorm last night was strong. Just after it, while sitting on the porch,  I noticed a very orange lake scene - one that I had never ever seen before! I have not touched the color in the pictures. Not one bit. It must have been the sun shining through the atmosphere at sunset. 
Click on photo image to enlarge

When I looked to the right the color was quite different. Is my camera sick too?

Nope! I took this picture this morning. All is well.


  1. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Pretty light. I hope you feel better very soon also. :)

  3. I've had the orangey water happen in pictures as well as the purply color. It could be a combination of clouds, moisture in the air or angle of the sun. Then again I just point and shoot. I know little about photography.
    Feel better my friend.

  4. Intriguing colors!
    Take it easy and heal.

  5. Interesting colors. I never seem to have my camera handy when I see things like that... feel better.

  6. I hope you are feeling better!