Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Spring is Around The Bend

AT 8AM this morning I saw the sun peeking through the fog over the lake. The evergreen across the muddy lake road was dripping with fog ice, melting. I didn't feel like putting on boots to cross the road for photos, so I pulled out a dirty plastic chair rested my elbows on its arms to help prevent shaking the camera and sat on the porch. I then experimented with the camera capacity to zoom. The results are OK in my book.

The photos have not been adjusted or have any changes at all. They are soft and a bit fuzzy and the drips don't really show up well but it is what it is. I tried changing the images to black and white and that didn't work for me.  So here you are.

We're waiting for warmer weather and drier roads. There's no walking on this stuff! (Not that I walk anyway, but the Mister does.)

It is still frozen under this and soon the ruts will become MUCH deeper!


  1. You got some great shots!! Come on Spring!

  2. Actually, I LOVE your evergreen photos!!! And that DO look like it'll soon be muddy. Just don't get stuck in all of that when it does begin to thaw.

  3. You should try for some sunset or sunrise pictures. I'll bet they are spectacular where you live. I'd love to see them.