Monday, January 13, 2014


On January 9th I posted about making Red Beet Pickled Eggs. I posted the picture of the finished product on the 10th. Well, this evening we tasted them for the first time. They are supposed to cure for 3 days.
Oh! My!

I have never taken a photo right in the middle of a meal but that's exactly what I did this night. The pickled eggs and beets were SO DELICIOUS that I put my half eaten plate of leftover ham, corn casserole, mashed potatoes and my first-time taste of the preserved beets and eggs on the counter where I have to be able to shoot well. WOW! That is all I can say.

I really think the difference was that I used a newer product of vinegar with peppers. We don't like anything hot, but it wasn't hot at all. I was afraid the eggs and beets were really too dark in color and would be too strong in flavor. They were NOT.

Please forgive me.  I was overwhelmed with my meal and my Mister was too. Yea! Winner!

No dessert yet. We are full.


  1. I'm full of...I mean I'm full as well.

  2. How wonderful that you loved your meal that much. I am always afraid to try new recipes....afraid I'll hate it and end up throwing out good we eat the same things over and over and over. You are adventurous.

  3. Your meal sounds, and looks, wonderful ! So glad you enjoyed it that much, too. Success! I cook more since I'm not working and enjoy it more. I made stir-fry last night - using chicken, red and green peppers, vidalia onion, celery, vine tomatoes, and chopped it all up, fried it in a little extra virgin olive oil, and then ladled it onto thin-cut, lightly fried new potatoes, with skins on. Usually I use rice for the base on the plate, but the potatoes were crunchy - a nice surprise! We enjoyed it, too. Glad you are enjoying your choices! Another note: I've read, a few times, how it's great to have a colorful meal as it often - especially in the case of veggies - indicates that you will have a more healthy meal, with different vitamins, antioxidants, etc., if you vary your fruits and veggies with colorful choices! Thanks for sharing that great dish!