Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Time has Passed...

My first granddaughter was born in January 1977. I was the surrogate birthing coach assisting her mother's delivery at the local hospital. She lived with us for a while when our son was in the Navy and stationed far away. He died in a car accident in 1994. She just found these photos in her mother's things and scanned them and sent them to me. What a surprise! I remember the day well. My mother, her great-grandmother, came to see her and brought a hand crocheted blanket that she had made.

The photos were taken in late spring and when the young family moved out to be on their own, I sent them to her mother, never thinking that I would someday enjoy seeing them in my later years. In those days, we had to wait for pictures to be developed and the negatives have gone among the missing. They are the only copies and seem to be in fairly good condition.
I'm happy that my granddaughter has them now. 

She doesn't live close to us but sends pictures of her four kids quite regularly. She's the mother of offspring ages 20, 19, 16 and 11. Glad I could help bring her into the world!

 #1 Grandbaby and me 1977

 Me, my mother, baby Jen, baby's mother

My middle daughter, me, my youngest daughter holding baby Jen, baby's mother.


My son, Jen's father


  1. A happy story but sad too. I am so very sorry you lost your son so tragically!

  2. ...bittersweet....great family album.

  3. Your son was very handsome. I see a strong resemblance between him and your granddaughter. Your son lives on in his child and grandchildren.