Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I List

Yes, I do, sometimes worse than others, especially when I first get out of bed and am therefore uneven on keel.

I don't mean that kind of list! I make lists. All of the time, short and lengthy ones. My list for today, in the order of which I "plan" to accomplish tasks is as follows:

    1. Review and cut holiday cards for recycling next year.
    2. Prepare new file folders for checking account statements, medical records, and hard copy correspondence.
    3. Update 2014 calendars (2) with everyone's birthdays and all appointments.
    4. Hand write three letters to friends without internet access.
    5. Make Jello.
    6. Be on the lookout for walking neighbor grandpa with two small grandchildren. Have bag of fudge ready to give to them if they come by.
    7. Take down decorations and put away ceramic tree. 
    8. Take at least one photo of SOMETHING.
    9. Make meatballs.
    10. Get laundry ready to take to laundromat.
    11. Check e-mail and other bookmarked sites, then write my first blog of the year.
And I have accomplished it all! I failed in accomplishing it in the planned order. Oh well. 

(This has nothing to do with my New Year's resolution. Keep guessing.)

I have always made lists. ALWAYS! It started in school when I listed my best friends, and then my next to best friends, and then to people I didn't like to those I strongly disliked. It's a compulsive act now and you will always find paper and pencil or pen near my area(s) throughout the home. Now I've read that making lists creates an environment conductive to being effective. It helps setting priorities. It pushes one to carry out plans and reach goals.  I never thought of it that way, Oops! I forgot to list cut toenails. Tomorrow.....
Sometime in the future I must complete the reason for this old list. Sometime!


  1. I make lists but I don't necessarily follow them.
    Happy New Year!

  2. I do "c" also!!!
    Fudge? Did you say fudge? I haven't had that in eons. Sounds super.

    I make lists, as in shopping lists, but 90% of the time I forget to take the list with me.

    1. ps...just read your comment you left me and had to stop by again to see if your comments are the embedded comment is...went to Internet Explorer just now, and your blog doesn't LOAD on IE...there are many people that use Internet Explorer so you may want to do the fix.

    2. Anni - does this mean I can reply right here - on my own blog page? I did the "fix."

    3. Okay...I am now using Internet Explorer...your blog loaded perfectly and your embedded comment form works like a charm in IE, Firefox [which I use faithfully], and Chrome...yes, now you can reply to comments left for you if you choose. I do so I can keep track of other bloggers who pay me a visit...that way I know that I repaid them with a visit to be courteous.

    4. Thank you. Guess I can follow GOOD instructions like you gave me!