Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter Woes

No applesauce making today and no laundry or grocery shopping either. I boiled some eggs for lunch sandwiches, sorted the laundry into baskets, and helped get the snowblower started. Well, I suggested an idea and it was accepted and it worked!

The snowblower wouldn't start. Did I already say that?  Something had frozen and it was soon determined that a safety switch was the culprit. Thank goodness the operator is an excellent mechanic. This is the type of blower that is plugged in to start electrically. He tried it many times but it was stubborn this morning and all it would do was grind away. If he had had to pull a rope like he did for so many years, he would have fainted for sure with the effort to get it going! Several years ago he determined that rope pulling for the elderly would be a challenge and traded the old model for this one. Good thinking! 

What do you do for a frozen switch? Well I have an ancient hair drier that I used as a tool to defrost the freezer in the old refrigerator. I had often been tempted to toss it, but didn't. A few minutes of blowing heat aimed at the switch did the trick. The snow isn't very deep but it still needs to be blown away - or shoveled - heaven forbid, for the dog's path to the wooded area, a path to the trash burning spot across the lot, and one from the road to the propane tank up back to ensure a happy delivery man. He is now in the lounge chair fast asleep.  Mission accomplished though costly as far as physical and mental strain are concerned. 

We can get out of the lake roads but one project a day is enough. Tomorrow...

Later he will have to thaw out the truck tailgate. Antifreeze dabbed on the rubber gasket usually prevents this gate from freezing shut - IF one remembers to do it. Where is the hair dryer? Where is the extension cord?  THEN a trip to the laundromat and grocery store will be planned.  Deep breath.

The wind is blowing and very gusty and the sun is shining.           
      It's nature and natural. 

It was cold in January 2009 as well!


  1. It is so cold here today I can't seem to get warm. I am glad that you got the snow blower going. What would the guys do without us??

  2. It's about 0 degrees right now as I write this. We got about 12 or so inches of snow around here. Not the biggest storm we've had but it sure is cold. At least the wind has died down.

  3. After living in the Rocky Mountain Range for over 40 years, I just can't think of tackling a snowy winter again!! I complain of the cold, damp winters here, but they last only a few weeks and Spring arrives in no time!!

    Take it easy...the snow will be gone for you soon, I hope.