Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Time Worthy


I thought I'd never get my laundry done. We drove to town just to do this "mundane" necessary activity. I commonly send the Mister off on assorted errands because I know it only takes an hour and a half to wash and dry and fold. We have it down pat. He does help bring in the baskets and then latch the doors of the two "Big Boys" for me. Then he leaves me there to read and finish up. We have been doing it this way for over 16 years. In the warm and nice weather I bring it home to hang out. For a few years I was bringing it home in the winter to hang on lines that we strung on the beams but there was never enough room and it was inconvenient, but less expensive. 

The first sign of a problem was when the machine with all of our whites stopped with a bang. It had washed (this machine takes 39 minutes) and was into the spin mode before the rinse cycle was to begin. No one was around. No one. The machine's door won't open until the complete cycle is finished. I then remembered that the owner sometimes is upstairs in his office this early in the day. Good luck! After trekking up and around the parking lot to the front of the building, in a severe wind, I found him in and explained what happened after catching my breath. You might know that I didn't wear a hat or gloves either this morning! 

At first he thought a circuit breaker popped, but after trying every trick he knew, he finally got the door open and I dragged the soppy and heavy load into the push basket and, after the other Big Boy was finished, and the dark and colored clothes were in the drier, the dripping whites were lifted into that machine and off it started again (gratis, I might add). I was all set. He was too, after putting a bright yellow 'Out of Service' sticker on #1. 

When the washer finished, I then moved them into a drier. The first load was still drying and I thought I was making progress. Wrong! I could only get one quarter into the slot and it started up but the box would take no more money and read 'ERR.' No matter what I did, It refused to take more than the first coin.  Well you know what is going to happen next, or should I say again! Out and up and around and knock! Knock! Knock! Down and around and back and into the facility with the owner. Yes! The coin box was electronically faulty and the clothes had to be moved into a different drier. A second bright yellow 'Out of Service' sticker on drier #3. It was getting funny! I mean what the heck! Not a good day to do my laundry. Not a good thing to happen for the owner. 

End result - My Mister came when he should have and then had to wait with me for another 55 minutes. The good part - The second load was dried with owner's coins, not mine!  There is no bathroom facility and it was good to be back home. Laundry clean and dry - what more can I ask! Ham bone in kettle simmering away as I write. Tomorrow will be a better project. 


  1. I only have to walk out my front door, turn left and walk a few feet to my laundry room. It is still a pain in the wazoo and is very expensive! I am glad you finally got your laundry done.

  2. Not boring..... entertaining. You described your episodes of the day in such a way that I could picture every move you made, just like reading a good book.

  3. You had a big day of getting the laundry done...but good thing is .... it's done 'til next time.

    What's your next project?

    And I too think it's a low, mundane, way of vanity when it comes to those 'selfie' pictures. We totally agree on that and them being offensive. There is so much in this world today this IS offensive.