Sunday, January 19, 2014

Blue Skies, James, Bad Bulb

Well it started out to be a beautiful day, then went down hill this afternoon. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and the ice fishermen were here.
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James was staunchly bearing the cold but loving the sun.

And then the sun went in and the light went out - in the water storage tank/pump shed. The life line to keeping the switch warm so it won't freeze is that bulb. It's a good thing we have a spare, but now it means another trip to replace it - tomorrow! We were Scouts. We are prepared.

See that red circular thing on the side? It is an automotive tail light lens. When it is dull, the bulb has died.


  1. You two have definitely had your share of woes this winter! Hope things begin to improve and smooth sailing comes your way.

  2. Life is an adventure everyday for you. I love that you allow me to go on that journey with you. The positive energy that you project is so refreshing.
    Thank you Gere.