Friday, January 17, 2014

Coffee Maker Monster

 Whew! Again!        NEVER again now!

The other night we had a short power loss. The short ones usually happen when nobody is looking.

I knew it happened because the complete silence and darkness woke me up - at about 1:30 am. I listened and heard my live in companion (ha ha) mulling around and then going back to bed. I know this because I heard his door shut. He must not have been worried about a long time blackout or freezing water pipes. Those issues are his department. The next thing that woke me again was a sound of gurgling. What? Soon the Mister was out and up and back in the kitchen area. Shortly after, the gurgling stopped so I went back to sleep. 

In the morning the power was back full swing and I asked him what the funny sound I heard was.  He told me that, apparently, after the power returned, it started the coffee maker brewing our morning waker-upper.  You see, I put in the grounds and the water before going to bed and it's ready to go in the morning. He hadn't turned it on with the on/off switch but it was plugged in.

Oh! Oh! That's not good! What if it had not been filled with water? 

Then the break of the cake was that it did it again yesterday when we had a very short power loss and it was empty! It started by itself. This I know, because I heard a noise that made me go and look. The hot plate was hot. The pot was in the dish drainer. there was no water in the reservoir. The switch was OFF!

NOW it is in the trash can. Today we went to buy a new coffee maker. I have been wanting an electric percolator for a long time and found one at a favorite hardware store. It was a two to four cupper. GREAT. Stainless steel!  The maker monster, now in the trash, was one I bought 10 years ago when I was taking care of my mother because I just couldn't take instant coffee and her drip coffee was way too weak for my taste. Ten years isn't a very long time for a quality appliance to last, but at least we didn't have a fire!
This beauty has to be plugged in to start and unplugged to stop. Farberware has the right idea!

The little Cuisinart was a wolf in sheep's clothing pretending to be safe.

Soon I'll be telling you all about our favorite hardware store. It is a story all by itself. 


  1. That could have been dangerous. Wise decision getting a new coffee pot.

  2. We have the same percolator only the 12 cup. Faberware is the only brand we buy. Makes great coffee.
    I'm glad you are safe.