Monday, January 6, 2014

The Cutup Cook

Back in the kitchen with another kettle of cut and cored apples on the stove. It was eight weeks ago that I made a batch and it is already half gone. Today's applesauce is from apples we got at the orchard right after making that first lot. See blog below.

Now I'm finished for this season. Oh, what a relief it is. They kept well in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator and the sauce tastes great - again. 

No Paul, this isn't Ed's Shed Restaurant. It's the Cutup Cook's Citchen. See? See? See?

My next old time meal will be split pea soup. I bought extra dried split peas so my daughter can make her own this time. If you "might" be interested in how I make this you can see the blog below from last year's project. (Warning, it's a long blog but the photos are there.)


  1. I have some apples I need to use so I guess I should get busy!

  2. I'm thinking of making apple dumplings with what I have of leftover apples!!
    And split pea soup...with ham chunks and onion and thyme...oh boy. I need to find me something to munch on after reading you blog post.