Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Just Another Day

Comfort Foods!  It's just another day of waiting until Spring is here. What to do when it's cold outside? Eat! Sleep! Read! Write!

There is cold and there is too cold - outside. But it is warm in here so…..

The pea soup will be ready to eat this evening, and so will the corn casserole. The recipe I use for the casserole is very old and common but most of all, easy. In my working-in-the-office days we had a monthly noontime lunch and everyone brought a dish to share. There was an oven in our office and I would bake it there! "An oven and stove in your office!" you might say. If you are aware of your county Cooperative Extension Office you would understand. We were employees of the county, connected to the state program and at the time I was serving as the Extension Youth 4-H Coordinator, there were Family Living, Dairy and Agricultural services available. Times have changed now and some of the services are more intense and new. The link below tells about Pennysylvania's programs.

OK, enough! I've wandered off topic again. Here is the recipe for that tasty addition to an evening meal of pea soup and Jello blended with whipped cream. This story is about comfort foods, now I remember!

Corn Casserole

One can whole corn, drained
One can creamed corn
One stick butter
8 ounces sour cream
2 eggs, beaten
1 box Jiffy Corn Mix

Mix all together. (It raises)
Bake at 350º for about 35–55 minutes,

depending on dish used

Tomorrow I'll be making Pickled Eggs - or Red Beet Eggs if you know about them that way.
Recipe to come…

 I'm also thinking about my mother's candied cereal and how good it was.  Comfort foods win.


  1. I love that corn casserole and I use any excuse to make it. For sour cream I have substituted 3/4 cup milk with 1 tbl lemon juice mixed in to sour it and use only 1/2 stick of butter. Of course it tastes better with the real stuff and a whole stick of butter. :-)

  2. My mom used to make pickled beets quite often!!! The beet juice would stain everything in sight...from the table cloth to you lips and tongue. LOL

    1. ....and then use the juices for boiled eggs of course.