Monday, May 30, 2022


The roads have turned dusty again and it is very annoying when a car or truck whizzes by me, knowing it makes such a cloud. It is almost like the driver is angry, but onward I go, traveling slowly and enjoying nature's gifts in the area. I only took a few pictures as I was having a bit of difficulty avoiding the terrible large potholes in one area. 

It is rhododendron time and their beautiful blooms prevail over the countryside. The good news is that they were FULL of bees!

As I rode the back roads, I saw red clover, purple sage, buttercups galore and many other wildflowers but the woodland flowers always grab my attention. This variety with four petals is called Dame's Rocket. They are fragrant and smell like cloves. Rocket reflects the super-rapid growth in the spring and the "dame" in the name marks this flower as a favorite of women and mothers in medieval flower lore. 
And then there were dried out  leftovers from last year still standing! I thought they were pretty too. I think it is a variety of wood sedge grass. How are they still standing after winter? Hmmmmm......
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  1. Extraordinary beauty in your drive-about!!!

  2. I always enjoy "our" drive-abouts. You certainly brought home some lovely pictures. Those clouds of dust stirred up by passersby I know all about.