Monday, May 9, 2022

Great Day

Yes, it was! My youngest son arrived from Scranton on his motorcycle. It has been two years since he rode here and he brought a gift of a vintage victorian-wear ironstone watering pitcher in a blue chintz pattern. The tricky part was to get it here unbroken and he was relieved to see it in perfect condition when I unwrapped it.

It sure will come in handy when watering the freshly-planted mixed flowers that my daughter just arranged in the old planter in front. Her gift includes another plant that will be put in "Henry the Rooster" when it warms up some more here!
My older son and his partner drove from Stroudsburg for the day also bringing thoughtful gifts! They know how much I love the sweet sound of chimes. Well now I have a new and colorful one!
AND... a cowbell too! You should hear this one! DONG! (left)
Not to be outdone, his daughter - my granddaughter, sent something special for me as she is under quarantine having being exposed to the virus. I sure wish she could have visited and I look forward to seeing her soon. I am keeping this indoors because I know it will tangle due to many windy days experienced here. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet - the colors of the rainbow of course! The glass strands make a tinkling sound when moving. The driftwood from which they are attached is a lovely piece. All of these hanging treasures were put up for me immediately and energized my love.
After a lunch of my home made deviled eggs and tuna-mac salad I was a passenger as my youngest son took us for a ride on the new buggy. Then we gave it up to share the fun with the others who seemed to like the experience. There was no sitting on the porch as the chairs are gone for a power wash and the swing is still covered until the catkins (squigglies) have finished falling. 

My "Jersey Girl" sent me a virtual card that was a mind stimulating puzzle and I had fun with that. What a day!
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  1. I love love this post. I am especially touched by the story of the ironstone watering can.

  2. Sounds perfect!!! I do love both wondchimes!!!!

  3. Lovely day!!!!

    Ahhh yes, wind chimes!!!

    So, who are they, in the picture? "Who's who?"

    🌼🌼🌼 🌼 🌼🌼🌼