Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Appreciation on Memorial Day

Yes I do appreciate the freedom that gives me the chance to feel safe and happy on this day as I remember those who gave their lives. As I was buggy-riding again, I felt like shouting, "FREE!" Free to be me was my teenage mantra and I had initials for it: O2BFRE2BME. It all started when I realized that numerous members of my family were men who fought in wars. I understood that kind of freedom very well. Soldiers fighting wars and not coming home made us free. There were two young men on the street where I grew up who never came back. Their mothers put special flags in the door windows. (I was only a very young girl but knew it was a terrible loss.) 

To continue to be able to take pictures of nature's beauty is empowering. This series starts at home on Memorial Day. My neighbor put the flag out for me. 

The "Eleanor Roosevelt Purple Iris" are doing well this year, though I am unable to walk down and pull weeds. They are OLD!
The chives are growing and taking over mother's rock garden, That's OK. I like seeing them thrive.
Down the road the neighbor's white Iris are in full bloom and very beautiful and pleasing. Her gardening efforts are rewarding to many.
There are several bushes of flowers with green and yellow leaves growing in front of their home. I do not know what they are but they sure are charming! Later found out that they are 'Euonymus variegated and wine colored'.
Around and on the backside bank of the lake there is a section with the little yellow flowers (that look like dandelions, but are not) covering the area. I think my dad called these Yellow Hawkweed. They are also everywhere else at this time with their little yellow heads full of pollinating bees.
Down the road a little further, what was once a well-tended flowerbed has now gone wild but the Foxglove still blooms.
Forget-Me-Nots have found their sunny, dampish spot and cohabit with Buttercups.
I plan to go out another day for discoveries of newer and different exploration of the land I love. Buggy works well, steers easily, recharging is simple and easy for me — curiosity satisfied for now. It's all good. 

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  1. Bless you sharing this bounty of beauty!! And, God Bless the USA.

  2. This is Patty. My other 2 comments said I was anonymous so wanted you to know I saw your blogs

  3. Yes, we need to remember, on more than one day too.... Those who gave all, so that we can be free.

    Beautiful views, on your ride! Happy making!!!

  4. It seems to me that foxgloves love best to be a bit on the wild side...maybe like some of us! They are so beautiful no matter where they grow. Yay for those buggy rides. They are a win-win for us all!