Wednesday, May 25, 2022


First we had heavy rain and a limb from the clothesline tree came down in the road. Could'a been worse. Yardman cleaned it up yesterday when he came to mow.

Henry is happy now sitting with his friends on the porch. My daughter brought him a tuberous begonia (after the storm) and I'll watch it grow larger and more beautiful.
I managed to grab my cane and pick some Lily of the Valley, which grows everywhere around the cabin. It was my mother's favorite fragrant flower and I love it too.
Now please understand that the following images are not creations of iris beauty but of colorful joy for me. They are hodge-podge photos. The rain event had them bending over and I was compelled to bring them in. I talk to them too!
Actually purple is my least favorite color but I do enjoy the company of these, especially since my mother planted them years ago and they still bloom every spring. 
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  1. Too bad about the broken limb...hope it wasn't too much damage to the tree . Love the plants/blossoms. And purple is one of my FAVORITE colors. 💜

  2. we have tuberous begonias on the pot on our front step, and they are a JOT. your will really enjoy this. :-)

    Love lily of the valley too! we have them, in a couple of places. but they too, will over take other stuff. -grin- like ferns.

    oh yes, don't let flowers succumb to storms. :-) bring 'em in, if possible.

    Gentle hugs...

    1. JOT. your will really enjoy this. :-) JOT??????????