Friday, May 27, 2022


James is now twelve years old and aging fast! He was carved by a friend just learning how to do it after cutting down the magnificent Blue Spruce tree, and the result was perfect and wonderful. You see, I had shown the carver a photo and asked him to create the face of my maternal great-grandfather but have it a bit whimsical. He did just that! The beautiful pine tree had to be cut down as it was badly infected with spider mites according to the arborist. I had him check to see why it was dying. The fact that a pine tree stump has lasted this long is unusual. Yes, bees, ants and worms have all established homes inside of him. He is picked on by woodpeckers as well.  There is no keeping up now with his internal damage so I'll go on dressing him with garlands and honor as long as he stands. James is the "Spiritual Guardian of Cabin Tranquillity." 

April 2010

May 2022
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James Marshall Folkner and wife Malinda Ann

The name James means "supplanter." Supplanter means someone or something that takes the place of another.

The name Marshall means "steward." Steward means manager or someone who acts in the stead of another.

James Marshall Folkner is my maternal Great Grandfather.

"James, Spiritual Guardian of Cabin Tranquillity," is named after him, in honor of my Mother's Grandfather, her mother's father. He even looks a bit like him.


  1. As much as I have followed James and his seasonal garb, I never realized his rich history & legacy. A most perfect post for memorial day weekend, and LIVE seeing the photo from the past