Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Spring Thing

I ordered a new cap. How do you like it? It will keep the sun from blinding me when I go for my buggy rides. I hope! It may also help to protect my hair from some of the dust as I ride.

Speaking of hair, I just got it cut for the first time this year. It was last October when the beautician came and did it for me right in my living room. This time my daughter took me to her hairdresser in town. The long hair and thin hair and raggedity grow-out was not nice. I feel better now! My hair looks green - I think because I took my picture with my computer app. called Photo Booth. 
It is supposed to rain tomorrow. At least the grass is cut and it is looking pretty good around here. Many trees have baby green leaves. The weatherman says it will hot - hot - over the weekend. I might have to have the AC cover removed. Today I have heat on as it is only 58°  outdoors today. 

Now I have some doctor appointments to attend to soon. I went to the optometrist as my vision was becoming blurry, especially in left eye. I haven't had new lenses in any of my eyeglasses for five years so it was time. During the exam it was discovered that I will need to have a cataract removed - BUT - Before than can be done it is more important to have treatment for glaucoma in left eye. Hopefully drops will bring the pressure down. Sneaky darn thing! Anyway, after that then will have removal of cataract and AFTER that new lenses for eyeglasses. I had a reaction to the medicine he put in to enlarge the pupils for seeing the interior of eye better and after I returned home, had little lunch and took a nap. After that I looked in mirror and my complete face was beet red! Yes, dark and bright red! I called and they wanted me to check my blood pressure and call back. I did and it was where it usually is, NOT raised. I called back and she said they would tell the doc and to expect a call back.  Don't you know he never called back! The redness finally faded and was gone before I went to bed but I KNOW it was an allergic reaction. It wasn't just a flushing. I'm allergic to latex and bee sting and penicillin. Soooo I'll discuss it with him upon my return. (Good news - normal eye pressure is 10-21 and mine is just 23 so it is early.)


  1. Love the pretty baseball hat!!!!

    Hooray for the hair cut. You look very nice, even though it looks green. Actually, having a green tint, would be very *in* and *with it*!!!!!! >,-))))

    Sighhhh... No doc call back about the red face thing. Glad it fadded.



  2. What a great picture! You can work wonders with those computer apps. The cap will be perfect for those cart rides around the lake.

  3. Love you new cap!! That's kinda scary about the allergic reaction!!!