Saturday, May 21, 2022

Birthday Card

My firstborn daughter turns 66 this year. I am in the process of creating a birthday card for her. Just showing you the process here... 

Original image I took the other day—

Removed the background elements—
Created a new background—
Copied and pasted the image onto the new background
Designed a second version—
Now will decide which to use.  The card will be 5" x 7" with a greeting inside. 

In 1956 she was brought home to our old log cabin at the top of a long hill in a rural area. Her first bed was a dresser drawer!


  1. You did excellent work on the card, but I have to be completely honest... my favorite is the image of mama & newborn!!!

  2. I totally agree with Hootin' Anni! Wow! Okay, I won't say it because you will just remind me that "Pretty is as pretty does." But, I do like the picture with the darker background best.

  3. Hard to choose between your cards...

    Great pic of beautiful Mama and new baby... Wow, you were a 'stunner', my Dear.

    😊 💛 😊 💛 😊