Friday, May 13, 2022

Fight Nice!

Have you ever really watched the actions of the little hummingbirds? Let me tell you they are fierce fighters! They are particular and they sure let me know where the bear poops in the woods.  (That is a term I have always wanted to use!) You see, one is THE GUARD.  Every year I try to put the wire trellis in "Henry" in anticipation of it helping to hold up whatever flower I plant there as the days get warmer. That trellis is the guard's lookout tower. After watching the action I always have to remove it. Funny to see him come back and seek his roost when it has disappeared. When he is there, no one ever gets to take a drink at the nearby feeder because he immediately attacks the thirsty innocent.

The other thing I notice is that ALL of them prefer the plain glass feeder with the four perches and plastic bottom. The globular one with the metal bottom and four perches in front of a yellow flower is one given to me from a granddaughter. It rarely has takers. They will look at it, fly right by and settle in on the other. I have tried switching the locations but the pretty one gets no takers anyway. I've hung it lower, higher, and moved it away from the other. Nope! I've even taken their favorite one down for a day but still they look for it then fly away without testing the only one left.  Soon I'll take it in and store it again as a pretty feeder that doesn't attract my little ones.

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  1. They are extremely territorial!!

  2. They are something when they buzz my head!

  3. Awwww very nice photos! Love seeing this! I need to get up a feeder for them here!