Friday, January 14, 2022


This is the first baking project of the year. Instead of pumpkin pie, I made pumpkin cake! I embellished its interior with dried Bing cherries! Soaked them in boiling water and then used the same water that was called for in the recipe. The butter cream icing was my own, not from a can. This took me all morning to complete, but now I have some to share with whoever....  My old handheld mixer with the wonderful long cord doesn't go on high speed anymore. Guess it's dying, but it did the job. The reason I didn't use Big Red is because the thick glass bowl is very heavy and my shoulder told me not to. Coulda - shoulda! Oh well....  I gloat with my success! It is wonderful!! Sorry that the mail carrier, propane delivery fellow and the sweet woman who does my laundry all came before it was finished. I'll try to save a piece for the yard guy who might be here for snow removal and my daughter may stop in before the upcoming storm. You'd like a piece? Come on over! Hang on to your hat, it is very windy!
You won't even have to help wash the dishes.

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  1. Ohhhhhhh..... A wonderful project....

    And the dishes are all done too.

    Here, I'd want to eat and eat and eat it, without something for others. LOL

  2. Did someone say "pumpkin?" Cake or pie, it matters not for I never met either that I didn't like. Now, I think I'll give pumpkin cake a try. Thanks Nook!